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Hello friendly musical surfer! Thanks for showing interest in my music.

This is the album called S.
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The soundtrack is a zipfile and consists of 10 songs. About 30 minutes of music of my own favorites that haven't been for sale until now.
Originally put together for a charity project, I decided that it would be cool to sell it here as well, once the charity was over.

The MP3 zip is encoded in 320kbps mp3 format and is ~70 megabytes.
The FLAC zip is ~180 megabytes.
The zip containing both of them is ~250 megabytes.

When you purchase anything from here, there is no middle man like with Amazon, Spotify, Itunes and the like who take a cut of your money before it reaches me. This means that you DIRECTLY support me in my quest to make the world a little more fun for your ears -and handing me money is the best way to help me make more music for you! :-)

Thanks to you all for your support!

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