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This is the soundtrack for VVVVVV, called PPPPPP.
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The soundtrack is a zipfile and consists of 9 songs and 6 jingles. Over 30 minutes of music...
...and a secret bonus or two. A lot of love has gone into these songs! You can preview almost all of it at my bandcamp page.

Note that the tracks Piercing the Sky and Pacing Energy came with VVVVVV 2.0 and are not on this OST - check out Adventure for those songs!

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The mp3 zip is encoded in 320kbps mp3 format and is ~80 megabytes.
The FLAC zip is ~200 megabytes.

Thanks for your support!

Here you can preview all but the bonus tracks:

Here's what some people have been saying about PPPPPP:

"The great paradox of this music is that it is innately the most inorganic kind of music there could be, but the emotions and spiritual notes into which it taps are the most organic of all."
--- Gideon Dabi, www.originalsoundversion.com (Link)

"Sophisticated and organic, this is chiptunes at their very best."
--- Philip Armstrong, 1up.com (Link)

"Extremely catchy tunes... lovingly crafted... Interesting tracks... great ad lib solos... entertaining riffs... cool effects... will get stuck in your head as soon as you've heard it once, but not in an annoying way... Funny and well written... A brilliant chiptune soundtrack with a good sense of humor... plenty of great tunes... a fantastic modern chiptune soundtrack"
--- Joe Hammond, SquareEnixMusic.com (Link)

"...Carries messages all its own, illustrated by the game and reaching beyond the screen into one’s life."
--- Editorial review, blueinkalchemy.com (Link)

"Every single chiptune has an energetic spark to it, and you’ll find it hard not to fall in love with the catchy bleeps and bloops. This comes from someone who doesn’t care much for videogame soundtracks, bar a few exceptions. "
--- Jamie Gibson, watchplayread.com (Link)

"The fierce and relentlessly upbeat soundtrack is dripping with personality, a real labour of love"
--- Jaz McDougall, PC Gamer (March 2010 issue, page 96)

"The best music ever - of any game"
--- Petri Purho (Creator of Crayon Physics Deluxe) (Youtube link at around 21 min in)

"Incredible 8-bit tunes ... A collection well-composed chiptune anthems that rival those of your favorite NES classics"
--- Samuel Claiborn, IGN.com (Link)

"The best music presented in a game, ever. Yes, it really is that good ... The music lacks a contemporary counterpart."
--- Tomas Andersson, www.pulse.nu (Link, article in swedish)

"...just plain catchy; I found myself continually humming the original versions after playing the game itself for just an hour or two, so being able to pipe it directly into your brain may be considered dangerous abuse of a controlled substance in some countries."
--- Dominic Tarason, DIYgamer.com (Link)

"Credit goes to Magnus Pålsson's brilliant soundtrack, which transcends its coarse chiptune stylings in some genuinely rich, evocative and exciting electronic music"
--- Oli Welsh, www.eurogamer.net (Link)

"These are chiptunes from the absolute highest shelf, and gives nostalgic shivers all the way out in the toenails"
--- Erik Fossum, www.dagbladet.no (Link)

"The music. Oh man, the music! I've heard plenty of retro chiptune soundtracks over the years, but I do believe that this is quickly becoming one of my favorites... totally awesome chiptune music"
--- Zero, negativeworld.org (editorial review)

"Probably The Best Chiptune Music Ever"
--- Durel, bgz.tv (Link)

"This is really excellent work"
--- Jim Shepard, Gearbox Software (Link)

"The music is fucking spectacular"
--- Anthony Burch, www.destructoid.com (Link)

"The music is one of the very best I’ve ever heard in any game recently, and one of the very best chiptunes around. It’s particularly impressive in how one can get glimpses of virtuosity even through the highly minimalist sounds... I really can’t praise the music as much as it deserves."
--- Juegos Majicos, Nintendoenthusiast.com (Link)

"Beeps and boops have never sounded so awesome!"
--- Andy Chan, Youtube reviewer (Link)

"And that music - just wow. Every single one of SoulEye's chiptune tracks are utterly hairs-stand-up-on-back-of-neck fantastic ... The tunes are a huge part of the whole package, giving it that extra something ... Stunning soundtrack that will flip you on your head ... My brain tells me his tunes are magical, and I think it's right for once."
--- Michael Rose, www.indiegames.com (Link)

"...One of the best soundtracks I’ve heard this year in any game... Not only is it catchy, but it’s extremely sophisticated"
--- Christopher Bowen, diehardgamefan.com (Link)

"The chiptune beats found within are, quite honestly, some of the catchiest, most well-composed songs in any soundtrack to any game I’ve ever played... Everything about just about every song on the soundtrack is near perfect in my eyes, and I can easily see someone who isn’t a fan of electronic music to be swept up by the infectious melodies in these songs."
--- Eric Deters, the-trades.com (Link)

"...fantastic chippy pop soundtrack ..."
--- Michael McWhertor, kotaku.com (Link)

"...Exceptional soundtrack by Magnus Pålsson (aka Souleye). His high-energy chiptunes are an incredible motivator and keep the adrenaline pumping ... This game contains some of the most fist-pumpingly energetic chip music I’ve ever heard [and that's saying something; we just got back from Blip Festival!] ... Upbeat, exciting, and nostalgic ... and a couple of other kickass extras ... Worth every penny"
--- Nick Robinson, www.bytejacker.com (Link and Link)

"It’s hypnotic, vibrant, and it taps into the gamer in my heart."
--- Daniel Lipscombe, Electro Candy (Link)

"Oh, and the music. Oh the music. The music! This stuff is fabulous ... The chiptune soundtrack by Magnus Pålsson is simply superb. The emotion it provokes is one that will keep you in a happy mood for the entirety of the game, all the while tapping your feet to the beat... The soundtrack for VVVVVV rivals Mega Man in its chiptune awesomeness."
--- Keenan W., http://game-central.org (Link)

"VVVVVV's haunting audio sets the the game's tone magnificently ... The chiptune beats treads the fine line between modern and retro. They combine the beautiful surrealness of old C64 and ZX Spectrum games with a modern techno twist. The result is something that not only feels instantly familiar, but will also ingrain itself into your pre-frontal cortex. It's masterful and really adds polish to the package."
-- Editorial review by 2 Bit Wasteland (Link)

"Without a doubt ... one of the best gaming soundtracks I’ve heard in a long time... The soundtrack is brilliant. A great selection of chiptunes that will get you very nostalgic"
-- Editorial review, retrogamedepot.com (Link)

"This can’t be stressed enough: phenomenal soundtrack... Magnus Pålsson's soundtrack is a f#*%(*^ revelation ... A chip soundtrack masterpiece that rivals established series like Mega Man and Castlevania."
-- Chase C, gamerlimit.com (Link)

"...the Souleye developed score remains delightfully old school and one of the best “retro” soundtracks of all time. In fact, the soundtrack is so good, that I’d recommend purchasing it even if you’ve never played the game."
-- Chris Carter, gamerlimit.com (Link)

"One of the catchiest chiptune soundtracks I’ve laid my ears upon in recent times ... Fast-paced, funky, electronic goodness for your listening pleasure ... it suits the atmosphere and treacherous level design incredibly well. Awesome chiptune soundtrack ... An original, addictive, upbeat chiptune soundtrack and retro “bleeps”, “boops”, and “pings” await your ears. Outstanding stuff!
-- Rohan Anchan, Middle East Gamers (Link)

"I’ve been humming bits of the VVVVVV soundtrack in the shower and during car trips all week, and likely will be into the forseeable future."
-- Ricky Scibbe, scibbe.com (Link)

"The theme of past meets present is no more exuberantly expressed than in the music. Magnus Pålsson’s soundtrack is a true gem, grabbing Mega Man by his 8-bit throat and dragging him through the last twenty years of advancement in the electronic genres,
producing sounds that are at once richly atmospheric and proud to display their legacy. It’s also video game music in the best possible sense"
-- Fraser McMillan, thunderboltgames.com (Link)
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